Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from elena-dee and Trix Morgan!

My lovely model friend Trix models for this website called Zivity, which I believe I've mentioned before.  They had a Thanksgiving contest and Trix came up with an amazing idea of what she's thankful for.  The shoot set was titled "What Makes Me Beautiful."  She put on things (shoes, makeup, etc) that women use to make themselves beautiful and I wrote on her.  Then we circled some of her imperfections (scars, scratches) and wrote those.  It isn't just the usual things that make us beautiful - flaws are part of who we are and you better love us for them!!

River Runs Scarlet - Unhealthy Dose release

Last Saturday, November 27, was River Runs Scarlet's CD release party.  The 5-track EP is titled "Unhealthy Dose" and the cover was shot by yours truly.  My first CD cover!!!  It will not be the last.

Actually, all the pictures for Unhealthy Dose (back cover and band shots as well) were taken by me.  Cover model on the front is the lovely Trix, and the guy is either my cousin David or his friend Ricky.

The CD release party was held at The Venue at Harmony Ridge, where I took some pictures recently.  As a child, when it was still the Ambridge Country Club, I went there to play with my best friend Whitney.  As an adult, I've gone there first to work and now to celebrate the work done by me and my friends.  Work we did, and celebrate we did.

I attended the show with my fellow Cool Kids Colored Hair Club member Emily.  We'll be getting a house in the spring that actually isn't too far from Harmony Ridge and are super excited!!  My friend Kym, who I met through the previously mentioned Whitney, also came to the show so we all hung out.

It was a pretty great show.  Even DoRn, who rarely moves around, rocked out.

 McDade's drum kit looks pretty!

I love this picture of Aaron.

And Zosia, of course!  She looked lovely as always and has some mad hair action in this shot.

Guitarist Floyd Karma, Jr. works his stuff with a ghostly Zosia in the background.

Producer extraordinaire Bill even came all the way from California for the show!  Ok, that's not true, he actually came for Thanksgiving but definitely for this too.  Oh, and it's a bit hard to tell, but all the staff at Harmony Ridge wore River Runs Scarlet shirts.  It was definitely a nice touch!  Amazing show, amazing CD, and I'm very proud to have been a part of it.

If you want to see pictures from the recording process in Orange County this summer, you can check them out here.

And here's a special little extra for you RRS fans:  A sneak peak picture from the photo shoot we did the day after the release party!!