Sunday, January 19, 2014

Alt Model Session - Kylie

Kylie came over last weekend and modeled for me.  My friend Kaleigh did makeup because she's awesome and, like me, adores Kylie and her boyfriend.  We originally were going to shoot at the cemetery, but because it was cold and wet out, we decided against dealing with the weather and shot in my basement instead.  Eventually, we did go out for a bit, and then remembered why we had stayed inside in the first place.

I LOVE this girl in black and white.  She looks great in color too, but muted tones and b/w are just amazing for her.  We broke out one of my barrel chairs for her to pose in a bit and now a pin-up shoot has to happen, because for someone who claims to not know much about posing, she took to it very quickly.  Also, I want to steal her skull sweater.

If you want to see a few more photos of Kylie, check out my Facebook page!