Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seniors 2012 - Bryce

Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, especially for small businesses like mine.  I do the best I can so that my clients get the best pictures they can and then tell their friends and family!  Referrals are the way to go!  Bryce comes from a nice string of word of mouth and is actually my 10th senior of the 2012 graduating class!!  I'm really excited about that because while it might not be much compared to a lot of studios, it's definitely an awesome start.

Today, however, did not start that awesomely.  We planned to do Bryce's senior pictures at his girlfriend Kacie's house.  I did her photos in the fall and her sister Alex's a couple years ago, so I know where their house is, but somehow managed to get lost.  Fail.  Bryce was running on 2 hours of sleep from having been at work all night so was exhausted.  His blue shirts looked great with his blue eyes though, and Kacie made me a chocolate chip pancake.  I LOVE pancakes and shirts that bring out people's eyes so really once I got there it went pretty well.  We shot outside at first - it was a really nice day, bright but overcast so there weren't crazy coon eye shadows.  Kacie held my reflector and gave Bryce some directions - I'm hiring her one of these days when I have a big shoot because I'm terrible at directing people and she knows what looks good.  Bryce looks especially good with a 3/4 angle looking over his shoulder.  It seems odd, but I like to work with people's best angles and we definitely found his.  Also, I love his beard.

While he was sitting in the grass, I had Kacie go sit with him and took a couple frames of them together.  So cute!

We set up my studio equipment in the living room and took some more photos there - fancier clothes and football uniform.  One of the reasons I love senior pictures is because I get to do both indoor and outdoor shots - it's nice changing it up.  Really glad to have gotten some real smiles - fake ones are always awkward, so it was good to see Bryce relax as the shoot went on and crack a few grins.