Friday, September 26, 2014

Sins Girls

I recently started shooting for a modeling group known as Sins Girls.  My friend Jessica, whom I met through Only Flesh, is a model for them and the Pittsburgh area manager.  She asked if I could do some shoots and I was pretty excited, as it had been awhile since I photographed models.  My first Sins shoot was with Jessica herself, and it was amazing.  Definitely one of the best shoots I've ever done.  We went to a state park near my house and took absolutely beautiful photos, I'm so proud of what we made.  We even submitted them to Alternative Revolution Magazine, and got in!  The magazine just came out and I have to go get a copy immediately!

We started out in the woods and took some fun photos with the cow skull I recently picked up for ten bucks at a yard sale.  During this time, some park rangers came over to make sure we weren't up to anything naughty.  Of course not!!  Not yet, at least....

Then we went to the lake and found ourselves a nice, secluded, swampy area.  Jessica and I had discussed doing something really muddy and messy, so this was the perfect spot.  She got naked and muddy, I got stuck in jagger bushes and the mud and nearly lost my boots, we were almost seen by a passing was an awesome day!

Not long after my shoot with Jessica, I met up with a couple more Sins Girls, Cara and Joy.  We drove to Erie, where we were supposed to have a shoot with some others, but that didn't happen.  It was ok though, because we had a blast!  We were practically eaten alive by bugs when we left the Presque Isle beach in favor of the woods (though found a frog!) so quickly returned to the beach.  It was a great time.  I've photographed both Jessica and Joy since, and hope to shoot with Cara again soon!  Making new friends is the best!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Suspension Sundays Summer 2014

As some of you know, I photograph for and do crazy shit with the band/suspension group Only Flesh.  This summer, they have hosted two Happy Hook Holidays (one in May, one in August) in which people are able to come experience flesh pulls or suspensions for the first (or hundredth) time.  It's amazing event.  Everyone is extremely friendly and supportive.  There are many images posted for the public to view on my personal Facebook page, but since I'm in extreme blogging update mode today (I have the day off), I thought I should share some of my favorite images!

Twitch pulling himself up

 Mikey and Morgan pulling

Lefty having fun

Melissa's resurrection

Mikey relaxing during a knee suspension

Jessica's suicide

Jason and Mel sharing a sweet moment

Kady pulling

Mike suspending

Joy's first suspension

Melissa being a gorgeous badass

Joe going up

Jessica spinning

Ravyn posing

Morgan's angel

The Only Flesh team readying the spinning beam

Jessica and Joy on the beam

Mike giving Vinnie a push

Animal Portraiture - Rich and Angela with Elle

I've photographed a number of people with their pets and it's always fun.  When I get the opportunity to photograph horses, it's so different and amazing.  However, just like cats and dogs, they have their own personalities and don't necessarily want to cooperate!  Rich and Angela, whose band Paint31 I photographed awhile back, asked me to come shoot them with their pony Elle.  Elle is totally adorable and loves eating grass!  I definitely love photographing animals, especially with their people.

Fashion Shoot - Helmouth Apparel

 NOTE:  Because I haven't updated my blog in months due to moving and new jobs and such, I completely forgot I had started, but not published, this post.  It's long overdue and the line I photographed is now sold out - one of the last dresses going to Kat Von D herself.  So, oops.  Back to your previously scheduled blog post.

I recently had the honor of shooting for the amazing Helmouth Apparel.  Seriously, these clothes are awesome and you should click that link and go buy some.  They're all handmade, vegan friendly, and absolutely gorgeous.  I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to photograph such beautiful clothes.

Let's start with the brilliant designer Frances!  This lovely lady designed the dresses you'll be feasting your eyes upon.

And now: Pestilence, Plague, and Prayers

Shannon wearing Pestilence

Rita wearing Plague

Monika wearing Prayers

This shoot was amazing and Frances made me my very own, super comfy Doomlord hoodie!  
I love it!!

Chuck + Veronica = Wedding!

I was so excited when Veronica asked me to photograph her wedding.  We've known each other a few years and her niece and nephew are some of my favorite kids in the world (she's pretty cool too).  Because we live in Pennsylvania, Veronica and Chuck were able to choose for their wedding to be a self uniting ceremony, meaning there was no officiant.  It was so cool!  Their wedding was very laid back and at a gorgeous park and very DIY - they made all of the decorations.  There was no dancing, though the DJ played some great music.  It was one of the most relaxed weddings I've been to and I'm so glad to have been the photographer!