Monday, December 15, 2014

Recent Sins

In the past month, I've photographed three of the awesome Sins Girls: Jessica, Poth, and Marci.  All three shoots went amazingly, and I'm so happy to have such awesome people to work with.  We have more shoots planned, and I have great ideas for when I get my new wig in from Geisha Wigs.  I think I'll be purchasing more wigs in the near future, to give us even more variety to work with.  I also hope to work more with local designers!  But, for now, my lovely Sins Girls.

Jessica and I had been talking about a Lady Bathory shoot for awhile, and with the help of MUA Ashley Crewl, Rev and Mike of Only Flesh, the guy who lent us a bathtub, and my boyfriend Damien,  we made it happen!  It was cold, lightly raining, and the neighbors were on their back porch which overlooked the fenced in Flesh Farm yard.  The suspension rig was so tall that Damien (who is 6ft and was on a ladder) had issues getting a light on it; Jessica took at least two showers, her contacts accidentally but happily turned red; and we must have carried 50 gallons of water from the house to the tub in the yard.  It was a kind of crazy night, but we had a lot of fun and have the photos to prove it!

A few days after shooting with Jessica, we reviewed photos and learned Poth would be in Butler, where I live, that evening.  I met up with her at the mall, and she came back to my house for an impromptu shoot.  It was the first shoot in my new home studio, which was super exciting!  We used one of my wigs to pull her look together, and I firmly believe she NEEDS this haircut.

And then, this weekend, I did another studio shoot, this time with Marci.  We'd never worked together before, so it was new and exciting.  PLUS, I just painted my living room, so we shot in there a bit too, using the beautiful natural light from my windows, which I love.  Marci has amazing ideas, and I can't wait to help make some of them come to life.