Monday, October 20, 2014


 In September, I went up to Ashtabula, Ohio for a big shoot with a ton of models - some Sins Girls, some who just came to hang out and take pictures.  There were some setbacks, but all in all, it was a good time and I met some great people.

First we went to Lake Erie, where we shot on and around the beach.  There were tons of different spots at the park to photograph the girls!

Can you believe all of those were taken at the same location!?  It was a pretty sweet place, lots of options.  The last two, of course, aren't models, but a couple of the other photographers who were there that day.  Normally I feel competitive with other photographers, but this was a fun, relaxed environment and we had a bit of a camaraderie going on.  We compared gear, and I did these quick shots of them to show off my f1.4 85mm lens and my fisheye (maybe a bit of the competitive side still came out).

Next, we went to an abandoned train station.  It was THE BEST.  I loved it!  So much inspiration there, I was very disappointed when it started to get dark and we left.   More on that later....

For real, the train station was the best.  I love those sort of places.  We made our way back to our hotel room to do some pictures there, but I wasn't feeling very inspired by the room, so didn't shoot much.

The next day, we scouted another location but I wasn't feeling it, so two of the girls, Maura and Toshie, went with me back to the train station for our final shoot, because we all felt we hadn't gotten to spend enough time there.  It was, once again, amazing.

I know it took me ages to get these photos online, so thank you, ladies, both for modeling and for your patience.  You're awesome.