Friday, February 8, 2013

January Vacation! Cruise to the Bahamas

In January, I was lucky enough to not be in Pennsylvania half the month.  My boyfriend Damien and his family went on a cruise and took me along and then a week after we got home from that, he and I went to ImagingUSA.  But that's another story.  This one's about the cruise.

Cruises are boring.  I'm sorry, but it's true and I'm saying it.  They are.  I don't drink or gamble, at least not much, and I quickly realized that was pretty much all there was to do on a cruise ship.  So I knit socks.

Perhaps I'm a bit crazy, but yeah.  I spent a large portion of the cruiseship part of the cruise knitting socks and reading Game of Thrones.  It was fantastic.  Of course, I took pictures as well.  Not too many on the ship itself, though I managed to talk Damien in to a few cute pictures of the two of us.

Awwww, we're cute ^_^

This is one of the halls in the ship that I quite enjoyed.

In Florida.  We went to some shops and walked on the beach.  I'm most excited about the birds!

Sunrises.  I got up early almost every morning to try to take sunrise photos and none of them quite matched my expectations.  Shoulda slept in....

 Our first stop in the Bahamas, Nassau.  See that pinkish building, waaaaay in the distance there?  Yeah, we walked there.  After already walking up a hill and staircase to a fort.  It was ridiculous.  So much walking.  But it was fun!

Our last stop was Freeport, where Damien and I took a taxi to the beach and spent a few hours walking around picking up seashells.  We found some beautiful ones, and a crab!  I couldn't take him home though, sadly.  The beach was my favorite part of our trip, which is odd because I usually don't enjoy beaches.  In conclusion, while the cruising part wasn't all the exciting, I got to take some time off of work to read and knit, and I like exploring new places.  So it was a nice vacation.  We're going a couple other places this year, so expect more vacation blog posts once it gets to summer!