Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seniors 2014 - Leyla

Have I mentioned before that I love repeat clients?  They mean the world to me because obviously they liked their images!  Leyla isn't exactly a repeat client, but I took both her sister and her cousin's senior pictures, so they are a repeat family and I love them for it!

It was important to Leyla to have photos that were hers, just like her sister and cousin had photos unlike any of their classmates.  To do this, we shoot  at her place - this entire session was photographed in and around her beautiful home.  Photographing seniors (or kids or families or even pets) in a location where they are comfortable makes for some of my favorite photos.  Home sessions are awesome to me since they have so many memories and knowledge of the place.  This translates into the pictures.  As you can see, Leyla is gorgeous and happy at home!


When I saw the woodpile in their backyard, I knew we had to use it.  The shapes are so fun, and Leyla with her bohemian dress looks great in front of it!

Her mom really wanted a photo of Leyla wearing an Army shirt since that's her chosen career.  Good luck with your last year of school and, of course, training!