Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buying a K20D

Due to issues with my beloved Pentax K10D (the mirror flipped up and when I got it back from being repaired the same thing happened and I had to send it out AGAIN), I've just placed an order for a K20D. I'm hoping the K10 is fixed properly this time, of course, but I know I'll always be a bit paranoid about it and have been lusting after the K20 for ages, so yesterday I made up my mind to upgrade. I'll probably use the K10 for shows and the K20 for shoots and important shows. You know, ones I get paid for, or Rock in the Suburbs or national acts. That sort of thing. The K10 will be more everyday and the point-and-shoot I bought in January will be for sticking in my pocket when I go out and I can stop using it for shows.

Because I'm graduating in June, it's important for me to have a back-up camera. I took this quarter off which is why I've managed to survive without my K10 (as much as a I wanted to work on my portfolio) but if something like this happened while I was in school or had a would be disastrous. So my new K20D will be here in 5 business days and I can't wait! The K10 should arrive sometime this week as well...

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