Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seniors and the Sunroom

This is Janelle. I did her senior pictures today. She's my 7th - 2nd referred - and I should have another soon. Today was pretty gloomy and rainy, but we still definitely got some good shots. My "studio" at the moment is wonderfully ghetto - my white paper backdrop is getting a bit dirty and torn and the sunroom where I shoot is jam packed with boxes of my dad's. There's barely enough room, but it's great.

It might not look too pretty, but I really am so thankful for my sunroom - the light there is absolutely phenomenal and I don't know how I'd get by without it. It's completely unnecessary to use any lights at all in there, though occasionally (such as in this photo) I'll use my speedlight. Once I get my Alien Bees and softbox (Christmas presents, hopefully!), I'll be able to set up in either the room adjoining the sunroom or the furnace room as well and that way both the white and black backgrounds can be used without having to tear down between sets. I can't wait!

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