Friday, May 14, 2010


Yesterday I saw two high school friends for the first time in nearly 5 years.  Tia came over to model for me - she's just starting out but does pretty awesomely already - and Adele, who was doing her makeup.  Adele and I rode the same bus in high school, and Tia was president of the anime club/prom queen.

After Adele finished Tia's makeup, she put on my curly black wig and this super cute little red riding hood-esque dress, and we did took photos using natural light (occasionally filled with my beauty dish topped speedlight) and this derelict white wicker couch that's on my back porch.  Oh, it's ugly and falling apart, but she rocked it for sure.

Then we went inside, and Tia changed her clothes and wig and because we were doing pinup and my kitchen hasn't been renovated since the 50s, Adele suggested we try something with my oven.  Which is pastel pink.  So I cleared everything off the top and away from the sides, moved my Alien Bee (softbox!!) and started shooting.  Angry Johnny, my year-old kitty, wanted in on the action, so I put her on top of the oven and took a couple minutes to convince her that she wanted to join Tia in seeing what was going on inside.  I adore this picture so freaking much.

Then we turned around and Tia got in front of the black backdrop.  I had her side lit with my softbox, and we'd grabbed a couple props, a chair, a telephone and a lipstick.  She raised the lipstick, looked into the light and I took a couple shots.  Eh.  It was pretty, but not WOW.  Then she relaxed for a second, turning slightly to something Adele had said.  THAT was the shot.  I actually did some post for this, because her face and hand were perfect, but her shirt looked weirdly poofy in that one, so I spent a while in Photoshop putting a shirt from an earlier shot.  It was kind of tough because they weren't lined up exactly and her arms and neck were different.  I think I may need to go back in and edit a little more, but am pretty pleased with the result.

And now I'm going to scout a church for the wedding I'm photographing tomorrow.

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