Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seniors 2011 - Katie

I was really excited about photographing Katie, not only because she sounded super cool, but because she found me via Facebook ads.  Glad to know people actually checked that out!  And she WAS really cool, so it was totally win-win.  This was one of those interesting shoots where I go to their house to photograph, which I always enjoy.  Keeps things exciting and eases my occasional worry of things starting to look too similar.  Katie's pictures are a breed completely of their own, so yay!

We started out in her backyard, which is gorgeous.  VERY well kept.  My dad would love it.

I set my backdrop up under their deck, and because the shade there was lovely - not glaring but not too dark - I didn't even have to use lighting!  Always good, if I can get nice lighting naturally, I'm going to utilize that.

We then went to this abandoned house down the street from theirs that I had noticed on my drive there.  Katie's mom, being awesome, totally encouraged this venture, and while we were there, discovered this...I don't even know what, some barrel thing that had "1993" written on.  I checked with Katie, and that was indeed the year she was born, so we took some pictures with it.  1993 and graduating from high school.  Geeze.  I just turned 23 a few days ago but this makes me feel old!

I couldn't help but post process some of these to look vintage - they did without any work already!!

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