Monday, January 24, 2011

First Shoot of the Year - Lady Sutton

As I mentioned in my post while in San Antonio (which was amazing!), I recently photographed a model from New York called Lady Sutton.  She's a friend of Trix Morgan's so of course she's pretty damn cool.  We had a Victorian Gothic-esque shoot that started out very prim and proper with a top hat and ribbons and then it moved into a bit of a love affair between Sutton and her hat.

We were shooting my new studio room because my friend Emily moved into the old one.  This room is larger, but has things like filing cabinets and a copy machine in the way, so it's a bit more difficult.  HOWEVER, I am able to do things like side light people in the new room, so I'm happy, despite the battle to put the soft box where the filing cabinet is.  Filing cabinet usually wins this fight.  Copier, however, is a little more movable.  And the new space has room for when I manage to buy another Alien Bee.  I really really want one and now that my trip to San Antonio is over,  I'm hoping to have enough money to get one soon.

I'm also hopefully moving in the spring.  If that happens, it will be to an actual house, not just an apartment and I won't have to compete with copier machines and filing cabinets for studio space.  Said office supplies also tend be exactly where I would really like to put a light, so I kind of hate them.   Having a whole room all to myself is going to be super exciting (and professional!), guys.


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