Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seniors 2012 - Ellie

It's always a little weird doing senior pictures for my siblings' friends, because I've known many of them since they were young.  This was one of the odder ones, because Elizabeth is a family friend and I've known her literally her entire life.  When I was asked to do her pictures though, I was definitely excited!

For the formal shots, I went to their house, and almost the entire family was there, with the exception of Nora, who is my age.  Test shots were taken with Ellie's parents, which was very funny.  Landon helped me carry equipment in and Victor was cooking dinner.  I got an offer to stay, but had plans with my boyfriend so could not.

After headshots, we went to a park in Sewickley, which I wasn't too impressed by but we did get some beautiful shots of her lying in the grass and leaves.

After the Triangle Park, we decided to hit a nature reserve across the street from their plan.  It had all these beautiful yellow flowers and we took some absolutely amazing pictures!!  Had to put on my polarizing filter to get the sky to turn out right, so that was fun too.  I'm so happy with how they came out!

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