Monday, January 9, 2012

Band Promos - S.T.D.

So my boyfriend has this metal band called Sick Twisted Debauchery (S.T.D.) and last year my friend Timmy recorded them and this year they want to put out a nice CD with album art and all that fancy stuff.  They're pretty good, actually.  I suggest reading the album review on Amazon because it's hysterical.  I've been telling them they need photos for months and Damien (my boyfriend, the band's singer) finally agreed.  They warned me they aren't photogenic.  They're awkward and unattractive people who don't know what to do in front of a camera.  "It's ok," I insisted.  "Everyone looks good in the right light!"  Little did I know what I was in for.

Last week I went to band practice in Ty the drummer's basement and set up my lights and photographed S.T.D.  It went...interestingly.  They were awkward unphotogenic people who can't behave and don't know what to do in front a camera. We looked over the pictures immediately after and decided to do them again, but with the guys playing so they were more comfortable.  So here are some photos from the second set.  It's all individuals.  One of these days we'll do more (they don't really have a choice) but it was cold and getting late and this was all they need right now.





And here's a color photo of Damien because I love him and am happy he wears the gloves I got him for Christmas  <3

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