Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Portraits - Jen

Last week my graphic designer friend Jen came over to hang out and take some pictures.  We actually went to high school together, and were cool, but not really friends.  Now that we're both in the arts, we talk online sometimes and share cool things we've found.  She does really amazing work (I want her to redesign my website!) so check out her stuff at www.jendorman.com.  I suggest you look under the "Projects" section, in which there is a very cool Evil Dead 2 patch.  After you do that, be jealous, because she gave me one and it is AWESOME.

So anyway.  Jen has pretty cool style, and is especially interesting in that she wears a lot of skirts and dresses.  Do girls really do that anymore?  I don't know, I wear jeans.

First off, she wanted to be in my body mod project with her back tattoo(s).  There's a photo in the album on Facebook of the bigger one, but she also showed off her semi-colon tat, explaining that she designed it herself and that the semi-colon is a favorite punctuation mark.  That's slightly random, but ok.  Semi-colons are pretty cool, yeah.  Also, I'm really aware of my punctuation now and feel the second sentence in this paragraph may require a semi-colon somewhere.....

Yay!  I love this picture.  Backlit by softbox.


And classier.  In the glass, by the way, is grape gin, which is surprisingly good as I generally find gin rather foul.  Jen also is a fan.  Cheers!

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SusieQ said...

Loving this on so many levels.