Friday, December 21, 2012

Children of October - horrorpunk promo shoot

As many of you know, Children of October is one of my favorite local bands.  I've been shooting the many variations of this horrorpunk group for 5 years now and we FINALLY did a proper promo shoot instead of just the miscellaneous group photos before or after shows or while just hanging out.  Timmy and Rick are now joined by new member Dave, who was by far the most excited about getting pictures done.   We had fun and I dug the enthusiasm. 

They came over to my house where I had the studio set up and we started with standard headshots (in order below: Rick, Dave, and Timmy) and group photos. 

Then we moved outside to my backyard.  It was a pretty dreary day - overcast and damp - which worked perfectly for us!  The natural light was gorgeous but still gave a gloomy atmosphere.  I used my favorite 50mm f2 lens to keep Timmy in focus while letting Rick and Dave be slightly softer in the background.

I then had the guys go back inside in to the basement, while I stayed out in the cold and photographed them through dirty windows.  It was a weird idea, but turned out pretty well.

Since it's December, they wanted to do a Christmas card.  We switched out the black background for white, the moody lighting for bright and cheery, and black hoodies for sweaters.  I'm going to let them do what they want to that and post a picture on Facebook once I see the final result, so keep an eye out!

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