Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awww, hearts!

C. Howell Photography

I googled "elena dee" today to see what came up (apparently belongs to an opera singer.  I have and it suggested "elena dee photography" which was awesome of it.  Thank you, Google!  So I was looking about, and on the bottom of the second page, there was something from C. Howell Photography.  Chelsea and I went to the Art Institute together for awhile, and apparently she checked out my stuff and linked me on her facebook page (the link is above, but you can check out her stuff from there too).

Chelsea says:

"Hey guys, I was looking over my friend Elena from Pittsburgh's (we went to AiP together) photography and I think you should check her out. Out of all the crap (sorry, but I have to be honest) I see every day that people are trying to pass off as good work, her work is truly beautiful and it's good to see other young talent exists out there.  So, give a look at Elena-dee Photography."

I feel so loved!!

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