Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today, Kevin and I were very productive and finished cleaning out the furnace room to convert into a home photography studio.  It's something that's been being worked on for a couple weeks now and most of the junk was gone.  There were still shelves and ceiling tiles and a desk though, so we took those out and made....A STUDIO!!  I am so excited about this it's kind of ridiculous.

This is it.  My studio.  Photographed with the fisheye, on a tripod, using a remote shutter release while I'm holding my second camera body.  It's not all that impressive (ok, it kind of is), but having a room dedicated to shooting is really exciting for me.  Now I don't have to rearrange my kitchen every time I want to set up my backdrop.  It's a PERMANENT SETUP.  How cool is that?  I have my backdrop on it's stands, my Alien Bee with softbox and unbrella, my speedlight and accessories, my white backdrop (not in the shot) and some reflectors.  And of course my cameras.  Hopefully I'll buy a bigger backdrop or two soon, because these ones are no where near wide enough.  I'm totally psyched about the whole thing, because it makes me feel way more professional.

I think I'll get a sign.  "elena dee photography"  Yeah.  We're open for business.

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