Monday, November 15, 2010

Promo shoot - Starving Hysterical Naked

erich, my ex-boyfriend but still good friend, called me last week asking if we could do a shoot for his new dj/producer persona - Starving Hysterical Naked.  I personally prefer the old name (dj birthday!) to shn, but ok.  I got some ideas at 5:30 on Saturday morning as I was going to bed, texted him, and because he has crazy sleeping habits too, he texted back.  We discussed ideas for half an hour and he came over Saturday afternoon to make some of them come to life.

The best course of action for this shoot seemed obvious - make a play on the name.  He's a DJ/producer, which means he doesn't just mix other people's stuff, he makes and plays his own electronic music as well.  I wanted him to have a fork and knife, eating his iPod or some records.  Naked would make sense, but he's going to use these online and such so shirtless works just as well.  He thought it would be funny to have plates set up like record mixer and draw a mixing board on a napkin between them.  We tried both.

We also did some portraits with (and without) this panda bear hat/scarf/gloves fuzzy thing he got for his birthday last week.  It's pretty adorable.  This first one with the panda hat I took into Photoshop and tried out a technique Cryss taught me to get rid of color casts on black and white.  I really do have some amazing exes.  You can see a difference between the first and second shots below, so I was pretty excited that it worked!

We took a look at all those images on my computer and I realized, hey, you're wearing sunglasses in every picture.  erich was pretty ok with that, but I talked him into taking a few where his eyes were visible.  Because I'm me, he allowed it, and the results are beautiful.

I tried out my new fancy font on these last images because they're more...proper?  More high class than some of the others.  It fit better, just like the black and white conversion.  We took these in my hallway where the light from my living room window was shining in.  The sun was starting to go down and despite erich squinting a lot, it was a really awesome quick little thing to do to finish out our shoot.  You check out erich's music at

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Kym said...

Hilarious!! But I'm quite partial to the last one. It's so professional.

Great job, Elena!