Monday, July 4, 2011

Seniors 2012 - Becca

Becca is my brother's ex-girlfriend, but she still wanted her pictures done by me which is just proof to how awesome I am.  No, seriously.  Anyway, she's pretty awesome herself, especially since she also likes photography.  And, like mine, her family owns a bowling alley.  Weird, right?

We actually ended up splitting up the outdoors and indoors photo sessions - I usually do both in the same day but due to time constraints it worked out better to do them different days.  The first was the outdoor session, which is what all these pictures are from.  I let Becca pick which to put up and she liked these best.  (Also, pretty much the best thing in the world is being told that someone expected picking photos to be much easier but everything is so beautiful that it's impossible.  Thank you, Shelley!!!)

We went to a park near the river in Sewickley and I got totally lost on the way there and had to call Becca's mom Shelley to figure out just where I was headed.  Once I got there though, all was well.  There was this cool little train thing, and railroad tracks, and a pavilion and all kinds of prettiness.

I kept telling Becca to "gaze off into the distance" and such, and she kept laughing and making funny faces and telling me she's used to being on the other side of the camera.  TOO BAD!  We also had a worrisome moment when her dog, Joey, ran off and she had to go run and catch him.  Joey was getting his picture taken too, which apparently he absolutely hates.  However, I had my 70-300mm lens in the arsenal and was able to step back and get some ridiculously cute pictures of the two of them.

I gotta say, it was the perfect day to photograph.  Nice outside, bright, but overcast enough that the light was soft and beautiful.  No weird shadows, great colors!  I brought out the reflector once or twice to get a little more light on Becca's face, but that was it.  Do plan on buying a Vagabond power source for my Alien Bee's soon though, so I can light outdoors shots as well as studio stuff.  Speaking of studio, I'm putting a shot of Becca in the Tattoo album on my Facebook page, so if you want to check that, it'll be there!

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