Monday, August 1, 2011

Seniors 2012 - Allie

Let's go back about...14 years.  I was almost 10 years old, starting 5th grade at a new school.  I made one friend, her name was Whitney.  She remained my closest friend for years after that.  We had fights, like everyone does, but we were friends for 11 years, until the day she died in a car wreck, engaged to my cousin's cousin.

Whitney had a niece, Alison, who went to pre-school with my brother when we started at that new school.  I haven't seen her since the funeral nearly 3 years ago, but she asked me to do her senior portraits.  I was honored to, because when I was younger, this was my second family and I missed them.

Because my air conditioning is broken and it's been REALLY hot lately, I took my backdrop setup to Allie's house for yearbook portraits.

After that we went to Ambridge High School and took some photos of Allie in her letterman jacket and band jacket.  She plays the piccolo, which I'm not really sure I spelled right....  It was pretty cool, I had my 75-300mm lens on and stood in the stands while she was out in the middle of the football field.  Definitely different.

We hit up one more place after that, a park a few minutes from the high school.  There was a gazebo there and I broke out my manual focus, 50mm, f2 lens.  GORGEOUS!!!

So yeah.  Super psyched to see Allie and her mom again, super psyched about how pretty her pictures turned out, it was all around a really good shoot!

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