Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seniors 2013 - Anna

I've said it many a time, and I'm sure I will again - doing senior pictures for someone I remember from their stroller days is kind of weird and makes me feel old.  Her parents have been friends with mine for as long as I can remember and we would go hang out at their house and go to fairs and such when I was a kid.  Anna's sister and I even did college tours together.  It was nice to get to see them again - this was another house call, which are much more fun.  People are more relaxed in their own space and since my studio is portable, I'm all for it.

It was raining off and on yesterday, so when I got to Anna's house, we decided to do the outdoors part first while it wasn't raining.  Luckily it held off and the overcast sky gave us nice soft lighting!  We went to a park a couple minutes from the house, brought their puppy and a few props and took a bunch of pictures!

 Anna likes photography too!  She said it was weird being on the other side of the camera but I think she did a pretty good job at it.

After the park, we went back to their house and set up my Alien Bees.  Instead of using one of my backdrops, we took a frame off this red wall and used it as a background instead.  I love the color!  Also love the huge grins big sister Kelsey helped me get!

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