Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amie + Paul Wedding

As I mentioned in my previous post on David and Katie's wedding, I went straight from theirs to Amie and Paul's.  It worked out because the first wedding didn't want reception pictures and the second one didn't want getting ready pictures.  Amie had to deal with a few anyway though because I got there a little early!

Paul outside the church

Amie's mother helping her with her necklace.
 Amie's totally awesome shoes!

Their church was a quaint little one, dimly lit with candles and deep reds.  Beautiful place.  I love how elegant churches are.

Amie told me she always loved this window so is excited about this picture.  I love her proud her mom looks!


After the ceremony, we went a couple miles down the street to the cathedral the reception was at.  There had apparently been some issues with a Halloween party of 600 teenagers being booked in the room next to theirs and that just wouldn't do.  Not the best way to have an intimate wedding reception.  BUT!  Instead of the original room, Amie and Paul were given the stage.  It was amazing, a big concert hall and all the tables on the stage.  Why am I talking about it?  My job is to show!

Seriously stunning.

The walls had this piping!  It was so neat!

Wedding spice!  Paul is a chef, so their reception was kitchen themed, it was really cool.


Paul's dad in the theatre

Catching a glimpse of Amie's blue shoes!

Everyone had a great time dancing, it was a really fun reception.

This kid.  She was awesome, and completely stole the show!

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