Thursday, November 1, 2012

David + Katie Wedding

My cousin David got married recently and I had the pleasure of photographing their absolutely gorgeous wedding.  All they wanted was ceremony pictures and a few group photos, so I was able to go to Amie and Paul's wedding right after (more on that in another post).  The church Dave and Katie picked is possibly the most beautiful church I've ever seen, definitely the best lit!  About half the walls were windows, so it was just flooded with light.  Seriously stunning, I'm so glad to have gotten the chance to shoot there.  First though, I went to Katie's house to do a few photos of her and her bridesmaids.

Love this one.  The leave in the background and the soft lighting from the cloudy day are fantastic and Katie looks beautiful!

The two dark haired bridesmaids in the middle are my cousins Meghan and Kaitlyn.  They look so pretty and grown-up!  After spending a little time at the house, I followed the groomsmen (mainly Katie's brothers) to the church.  Again, was super excited about it - I spent two years riding the bus past this church and always wanted to photograph inside.

While everyone was finishing getting ready, I did some pictures of the groomsmen, rings, and miscellaneous family members.

I loved these windows!  And the spaces were just big enough to put people in.

My little brother!  He was in the wedding and looks adorable!

Aunt Marilyn fastening David's flower on

Our grandmother.  She's super nice.

My cousin Paul's kids Brian and Mikayla.  I absolutely adore them.

The flower girl's face!

Again, this church had the best lighting.  Stunning.  I just love how they're glowing!  After the ceremony we did more group and family photos, which was fun.  David kept telling everyone "look at Elena!" because there were a dozen or so other family members taking pictures as well.

Awww, they're happy!

Everyone made gross faces when I told David and Katie to kiss.

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