Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Model Adventure with Miss Moffitt

Earlier this week, I photographed Amanda, a college friend of mine.  We saw each other at a concert/freak show a couple weeks back and she contacted me asking to do a photoshoot when she got her dreads put in.  It had been a few years since I last photographed her and it was a great time, so I was all for another shoot (especially since she always has the best outfits).  We weren't really sure where to go, but ended up at the Allegheny Cemetery, which is a gorgeous place if you've never been there.  I have a few times and had no idea there was a pond.  We saw ducks, which was.....well it was interesting to say the least.  And slightly disturbing.  But we got good pictures!

Ok, so this first one, I was trying to use my gold reflector, well, I did use my gold reflector, but because I didn't have an assistant and it was a bit windy, that didn't work for long.  So this is the one picture we got using the reflector.  Next time, I bring someone to hold it for me.  Or remember a clip to attach it to a lightstand.

This creepy one is actually shot through the gate in the previous image.  The stained glass is on the opposite side of the tomb and I had Amanda go stand there and be a creepy ghostly shadow.  I rather enjoy the result and want to do more of this sort of thing.

Love love love these closeups.

 Oh, the white!  The shapes!  Her curves in conjunction with the straight lines of the tomb make this possibly my favorite image from this shoot.

This is by the pond.  Our reflection ideas didn't work out as the pond was dirty and the water was moving, but the area around it was fantastic.

 After the cemetery, we drove around for a little bit seeing if there was anywhere else we wanted to shoot.  We came across a bright graffiti wall which contrasted awesomely with Amanda's outfit and had fun with her shaking her dreads and such.

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Amanda Moffitt said...

Haha I love the little story. Yes ducks... I guess interesting works as a word to describe what we witnessed lol the images are stunning so happy I bumped into you!