Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fashion Shoot - Helmouth Apparel

 NOTE:  Because I haven't updated my blog in months due to moving and new jobs and such, I completely forgot I had started, but not published, this post.  It's long overdue and the line I photographed is now sold out - one of the last dresses going to Kat Von D herself.  So, oops.  Back to your previously scheduled blog post.

I recently had the honor of shooting for the amazing Helmouth Apparel.  Seriously, these clothes are awesome and you should click that link and go buy some.  They're all handmade, vegan friendly, and absolutely gorgeous.  I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to photograph such beautiful clothes.

Let's start with the brilliant designer Frances!  This lovely lady designed the dresses you'll be feasting your eyes upon.

And now: Pestilence, Plague, and Prayers

Shannon wearing Pestilence

Rita wearing Plague

Monika wearing Prayers

This shoot was amazing and Frances made me my very own, super comfy Doomlord hoodie!  
I love it!!

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