Friday, September 26, 2014

Sins Girls

I recently started shooting for a modeling group known as Sins Girls.  My friend Jessica, whom I met through Only Flesh, is a model for them and the Pittsburgh area manager.  She asked if I could do some shoots and I was pretty excited, as it had been awhile since I photographed models.  My first Sins shoot was with Jessica herself, and it was amazing.  Definitely one of the best shoots I've ever done.  We went to a state park near my house and took absolutely beautiful photos, I'm so proud of what we made.  We even submitted them to Alternative Revolution Magazine, and got in!  The magazine just came out and I have to go get a copy immediately!

We started out in the woods and took some fun photos with the cow skull I recently picked up for ten bucks at a yard sale.  During this time, some park rangers came over to make sure we weren't up to anything naughty.  Of course not!!  Not yet, at least....

Then we went to the lake and found ourselves a nice, secluded, swampy area.  Jessica and I had discussed doing something really muddy and messy, so this was the perfect spot.  She got naked and muddy, I got stuck in jagger bushes and the mud and nearly lost my boots, we were almost seen by a passing was an awesome day!

Not long after my shoot with Jessica, I met up with a couple more Sins Girls, Cara and Joy.  We drove to Erie, where we were supposed to have a shoot with some others, but that didn't happen.  It was ok though, because we had a blast!  We were practically eaten alive by bugs when we left the Presque Isle beach in favor of the woods (though found a frog!) so quickly returned to the beach.  It was a great time.  I've photographed both Jessica and Joy since, and hope to shoot with Cara again soon!  Making new friends is the best!

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