Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seniors 2011 - Roman

Roman, another student at OLSH, is a friend of Leah and Janelle, and loved the pictures of I took of them, so contacted me to do her senior portraits as well.  [Real quick, before I forget, I have to get the Garbage music video for "I Think I'm Paranoid" on my computer.  I have loved this song for years and the video is currently on TV and it is awesome.  Back to Roman.]  She's Indian, so brought some absolutely beautiful clothes and showed me traditional Indian dance poses while we talked about the Hindu religion.  I've always been into religion, so hearing about the Hindu gods from someone who is actually Hindu was really cool.  It was fun to photograph, too, because I hadn't seen such poses before.

After the studio we went outside, where clouds were amazing.  And I'm totally into the color scheme!  Bright yellow outfit + blue sky = win.  I might have to start bringing my Alien Bee outside and hooking up an extension cord though, as the sunlight doesn't always do what I want and my speed light just doesn't cut it.  Anyone want to buy me a Vagabond?!  After getting some pictures on the roof, Roman, who told me she's named after a male soap opera character (something I would do), changed into a cute dress/jean jacket combo.  We then hit up Hopewell Park to finish off our shoot.

Not long after we first got to the park, she decided she wanted some pictures on the swings, so once we hit some other spots, Roman and I ended our shoot at the swingset.  It was different, and definitely adorable.  I played with retro toning some more in post, which worked perfectly with this image.

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