Monday, August 2, 2010

Seniors 2011 - Leah

Seems a bit late to have my first senior shoot for 2011, but this Saturday it happened!  Leah is a friend of Janelle who I photographed late last year.  She was super sweet, and though a bit shy about getting her picture taken, definitely opened up as the session went on.  We started out in the studio using my white background and the softbox (note to self: buy another light).  She brought a sword!!  How cool is that?

After the indoors session, we took some pictures outside.  I'm a big fan of natural light, so mostly used that, though did pop my speedlight on occasion to light up her eyes.  That night, while doing post, I starting playing with different effects in LightRoom (note to self: upgrade to LR3) - this started with downloading some free presets and then figuring out how they were done and changing them to suit me.  For example, one preset faked rounded corners, which I tweaked and combined with a 1970s preset that, once I was done, didn't actually look much like the original preset at all.  I haven't used the split toning option to do much more than sepia (see above), so had way too much playing.  Yeah...I love LightRoom so much I spend my Saturday nights with it.

Anyway, enough of LR.  Back to Leah.  We also went to Hopewell Park, the back way because the main road there caved in, so that was different.  We hit up a couple spots that I've shot in before - they're good spots - but also some different ones, which was great.  I mean, I've never shot anyone sitting on a rock in the creek before, so it was a great idea on Leah's part, and definitely turned out adorable.  Go, Leah!!

She loved the first bridge (as do I, this is one of my favorite shots!) and, after some lighting issues on the covered bridge, we found this cool fallen tree near the creek.  She had told me earlier that she wanted a tree shot - they're pretty stereotypical for senior shoots though, so we tried for something a little different and this was it.  Especially with the glowing forest in the background, it made for a beautiful scene.

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