Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trix the bathing beauty

Trix Morgan is awesome.  She's one of my favorite models, and super cool to hang out with.  Last weekend, we had a shoot for on which she's pretty popular -  ranked #36 or so out of the 1000-ish models on the site.  My friend Kaleigh came to do makeup and brought her friend Jessica do to hair, so we got to feel all kinds of professional.  Our first set of the day was for a summer contest on the site, so after hair and makeup, Trix put on her metallic pink bathing suit and we grabbed a case of PBR and went out to the boat in my parking lot (yeah, there's a boat in the parking lot, it's kinda weird) to shoot.  Her idea was "White Trash Summer" and what's more white trash than drinking PBR in heels on a crappy looking boat that obviously isn't even in the water?

She worked it beautifully and titled the set "I'm On A Boat."

Second set of the day ended up being in the studio - it WAS going to be on the roof, but my flash trigger wasn't cooperating and refused to work outside.  My main problem right now with my studio is that it and my backdrop are WAY too small.  There's a lot of post put into these to fill it in.  Nevertheless, I really like this set.  It's adorable and I'm calling it "Lollipop Lollipop."

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