Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/10/10 - Wedding favors and the undead

10/10/10 was, in Pittsburgh, World Zombie Day.  You know how I love zombies, so of course I had to go.  But first, there was a wedding.  I didn't actually shoot the wedding though, just the set-up, for The Venue At Harmony Ridge.  My dad is friends with the people who run it (Greg and his wife Ricki) and Ricki wants to advertise my photographic services to her wedding clients.  To do so, I took some pictures for her to put on their website.  Most of the images were of the venue set-up, but I did some portraits of the bride and her mother as well.

After all that, I was able to go to Zombiefest with my friend Emily, where we ran into all sorts of interesting looking people.  A photo I took of my friend Kym and the group she was with even ended up on the news the next day!!  Go to 2:15 to see the clip on Zombie Day and my image!  As for the other pictures I took, they're pretty sweet too.

 This is the one that ended up the news, most likely because Kym (on the far right) used it as the default for a group she made on Facebook to share photos from zombie day.

 There must be brains in that cup.

 These guys really played it up!

 Child zombies are the best.  Child soldier zombies?  LOVE!

 Look at the sign!  It makes me giggle.

 Her eyes are so big and wide, it's scary

 Where's Zombie Waldo?

ELVIS IS ALIVE!  Or at least undead....

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