Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seniors 2011 - Briann

Today I photographed a girl from Moon, where I went to high school, Briann.  She and her mom were both super cool and brought all sorts of fun things to take pictures with - pillows, a doll and teddy bear, and a blow dryer and brush because she's going to school to hair.  Her first outfit matched the pillows which was awesome!

She did her hair and put on a hat for yearbook headshots.  I should probably have taken some fliers or something to the high schools at the end of last school year.  Maybe I will this year, maybe I'll just do the senior portrait business card thing again.

We also went outside for a bit and to the park, where Briann played in some leaves.  Super cute pictures from that.   I have a shot on my facebook page where she looks kind of like a Final Fantasy ad, her eyes are glowing so beautifully.

I just a day or two ago got a rabbit fur coat from my aunt, and HAD to make use of it.  Old Hollywood, yes please!  I asked Briann to model it and a vintage hat for me, so after the park we came back to the studio and set that up real quick.  Quite pretty if I say so myself!

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