Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seniors 2011 - Jason

My "first" guy senior portrait session!  "First" is in quotes because my first senior session, like 3 years ago, was a guy.  This was before I started shooting as elena dee photography and I wasn't as good back then, so Jason gets to be the first official guy senior portrait for me.  He goes to Freedom and is the boyfriend of Cheyenne, whose pictures I did last year.  He's a sweet kid, just joined the Marines, so of course we needed some shots of him in uniform.

We did some of those inside as well, and then he changed into his formal outfit.  This kid takes the BEST headshots!  Seriously gorgeous.  I was excited to be able to use dramatic lighting - it doesn't work as well on girls and they tend to prefer the soft all over sort, but Jason specifically told me (and his mother) that he wanted to look "badass."  Dramatic lighting for the win.

After the studio, we hit up Hopewell Park.  I really gotta find a new location - the park is tried and true, but I don't want to over use it.  It's fall now though, which is new and exciting, and we photographed in a couple spots I haven't used much.  Again with the amazing headshots!

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